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Cubscast, part of the Chicago Sportscast Network, is a free, new and exciting way to connect Cubs fans worldwide to each other and receive on-demand Cubs audio commentary from 3 die-hard fans. Answering the call of isolated Cubs fans in places where the Superstation just won't reach, Cubscast ensures that fans everywhere have access to a few minutes of high-quality Cubs sports talk at the touch of a button.

The fine Cubscast hosts produce a brand new show every few days that can be downloaded and listened to through iTunes. You can also listen to and/or download the shows from any computer by visiting the Cubscast website,

Our shows, also called "podcasts," include game recaps, in-depth commentary, analysis, debates, celebrity interviews, contests, and much more. Cubscast - experience the Chicago Cubs without paying $8.50 for a two dollar hotdog.

Our call-in line number is (312) 239-0179. Call anytime and leave your name and location if you'd like your comment or question to be played on the air.

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