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Bearscast, part of the Chicago Sportscast Network, is a free, high-quality podcast giving you real talk about the Chicago Bears without all the cliches. Our smart commentary with a sense of humor comes at you at least twice a week, so you can enjoy just about the only NFL franchise that matters no matter where you are--at home, the office, the gym, or even in Green Bay.

Our podcasts are mp3s, so they can be enjoyed on iPods or any number of new-fangled gadgets, or you can download and listen to them right on your computer. The Bearscast is all about getting you fresh perspectives and talk just on the Bears without having to get patted down.*

Our call-in line number is (312) 239-0179. Call anytime and leave your name and location if you'd like your comment or question to be played on the air.

*Actually, we may end up patting you down. Sorry.

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